Jacob's Ladder(1990)

This belong to the group of films that wanna play around with your mind.It wont do things as you expect. With films like unfaithful, Lolita, fatal attraction etc.. in hand, i would say this film is the odd entry(if am correct) in the director's carrier. Its psycho horror thriller.You can approach this film in two way. One; the film has a simple story line, but the director made it complex by tossing around the subject here and there and totally making you a fool at the end. Two; this is one form of brilliance story telling that makes you to the edge of your seat and at the end the director winks at you and you start scratching your head. In what way you gonna project this film, you must agree the thread and content are really good and i would add its really good. Into the story; Jacob was once in army and nowadays he is having some images flashing through his mind. The flashes reminds him of his past life in army and the image is making him feel panic. But he dont know what is happened to make him leave army. He fears army did something to him. May be some experiment. Now he finds some of his friends at a party and comes to know that they also having these weird feelings recently.Now he wants to know, what exactly is happening. The story progresses. A very good story that has the ability to shake your mind.

OneLine: Its surrealism and not everyone's cup of tea.



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