Rear Window (1954)

"Through his rear window and the eye of his powerful camera he watched a great city tell on itself, expose its cheating ways...and Murder!". A classic from the director Sir Alfred Hitchcock. His movies always center around crime and mystery but aren't necessarily racy thriller, but would guide you to a different location makes you become part of the story. Don't be reluctant to see this movie just because it is born in 1954. It is unique in its style. The story would be a difficult one to remake as most of the material for the story couldn't be accomplished. For eg: due to heat people in neighborhood are used to open their windows when they are inside the house. Which wont work for today as most of the apartment in New York have centralized ac system. However a strikingly similar film is made in 2007 called 'Disturbia'. The film is a bit slow but yet very beautiful that i almost forgot that am watching a film. I felt like i was sitting and walking beside the characters. i wont say all characters were excellent in their acting, but were enough to accomplish the job. The story is about a wheelchair bound photographer, Jeff using his binocular watches his neighborhood. While he was on his job he got accident and broke his leg. As he is in wheelchair all day, his only entertainment becomes watching the characters in neighborhood through their open rear windows. He watches their daily activities and becomes acquainted with all of them. A dancer who enjoys practicing her steps, aged couples with a dog, a lonely women who seem to be living in a fantasy world,a newlywed couple,a salesman and his complaining wife, a frustrated composer were in his neighborhood. One day Jeff feels like the salesman's wife is missing and he thinks he may have murdered her. He had no proof and he found it difficult to make his friend, the detective to believe him. But at least he become successful in making his lover and his nurse to believe him and together they are digging for proof. The story becomes intense and climax was very good as well. Even though its a mystery, thriller film the romance also depicted very well. In short one of the best films i have ever seen.

OneLine: A must see film.

10 /10


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