Das Experiment(2001)

The movie is based on the "Stanford Prison Experiment" conducted in 1971. Starts like a hollywood thriller with a decent background score and some humours to add with. Later on we get to see the character exposed by each and every person as they are forced to face different circumstances in a prison. A prison is set up in a research lab with minimum facilities to be given inside a real prison and surveilance cameras around study the behaviour of the subjects. People are hired by the scientists of which some will act as guards and others as prisoners. Each group are selected carefully based on the mental strength, the behaviour and using other procedures. Guards will set rules and prisoners will follow it strictly. Guards shouldnt use any violence to keep discipline among them. If everything goes as planned, each one will benefit with money offered to them and scientists will have the result. The experiment was for 14 days. First everything starts friendly then a bit of teasing, then not so harmful humiliation, and eventually violence. The situation seemed to be controllable and then one day everything collapse. The movie captures how one person's reaction or action cause change in strategies in another person and eventually making a shift of behaviour towards everyone he accompanies or involved with. Watch it. It is beautiful,funny and provocative. An excellent thriller that has got values
>>Score A<<


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