Directed by Roman Polanski. The film is classified into neo noir type. 'Noir' corresponds to distinctive visual elements, plot devices and some common themes in the film. use of light and shadow, unusual camera placements etc can be scene. The film's characters were often conflicted antiheroes trapped in a difficult situation. The film qualifies with such lot of mechanisms used and is considered to be one of such kind. The film stars Jack Nicholson as a private investigator highered by a lady to spy his husband and eventually it turns out that the lady was a fake to the original character played by Faye Dunaway and the man was his husband. Later on the man he spied on dies and Dunaway appoints Jack as the private detective to find the cause of the death and eventually we came to notice a shocking truth, something we wont be expecting throughout the film. A genuine film that focuses on incidents happened in the year 1937. Some minute points shown in the film on the beginning comes into limelight as the film progresses. Overall the film excels in every department and each and every scenes and every scenes are perfect.
>>Score A-<<


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