Hable con ella(2002)

A beautiful film from the acclaimed spanish director Pedro almodover, who always taken films where heroines have got substance . He always employs melodrama in his films and his films always depicted desire passion family matters etc. This film is no exception.The film tells a powerful love story which is purely unconventional. The story moves very slowly but i didnt feel boredom throughout the movie.Both leading characters's lovers are in deep comma. One male character is a journalist and other is a nurse. Thw two men first meets at a theatre and later they meet at this hospital where one work as the nurse and treats his lover. However her parents or anyone else other than the journalist knows that he is in love with the one he treats. When benigno,the nurse saw the grief in his companion's(the journalist) face, he tells him 'talk to her'. The subject is not so complex however the matter is folded and it unfolds only when the film is reaching its final scenes. And the climax can make you drop a bit of tear from your eyes and the pictures of each character will leave in your mind for sometime, and if it does then it is the success of the story telling medium,Cinema.
>>Score A-<<


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