Directed by Wong-Kar Wai. This was the third movie i have seen from wong kar wai after ChungKing Express and In the mood for Love. It had shown me the magic the cinema has to offer. The colors. The shots. The selection of scenes. The story showcases a womanizer writer, who does writing for making money and lives an extravagant life. His life is very lonely where he finds his pleasure in company of women. In hong kong he lives in a room 2047 in a motel and looks to 2046 and imagines a story which later on he realises that it became his story, his story of loneliness, urge for love and passion. Through his story he tries to find the woman once he loved and tried to make his part of live. The movie mixes both his present and past through the story '2046' that he writes. In his story every once in a while a mysterious train leaves to the year 2046. People traveling in the train had only one ambition, to recapture their lost memories .Through the fictional world in his story he creates and projects the emotions of the women he noticed. This is essentially what the story of the film 2046. The film is unique in its features. And very nostalgic as well. Ah! i forgot one more thing, it is the background score. The background score is excellent and undoubtedly one of the best. Recommended if you are hardcore movie lover. And skip if you are a causal one.
>>Score A+<<


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