Let the right one in(2008)

Oskar: I don't kill people.Eli: Oskar, I do it because I have to.Eli: Be me, for a while.Please Oskar... Be me, for a little while. A story of friendship and affection between a vampire child girl Ele and a boy Oskar. The 12 year old boy always becomes a prey of some schoolchildren who always hit him and he never hits back. It was Eli who gave him the courage to fight back.She lives off blood and her reason for killing is that. And she tells him be me for a while.In today's world, one never think of another person. He thinks why one would do that, he shouldnt have done that, its disgusting...Hey be him/her. Think from his/her part. Now you know some things can only be explained from by becoming him/her. More than a basic thread, the movie relies on the art of story telling. The direction is excellent . The girl child artist perfectly fit into the shoes of vampire. The film wont disappoint you. It is silent at times,but the scenes will speak. Its slow at times, but wont let you notice that. Its one of the best films released in 2008, ah yes and you will recognise that.

OneLine: Dont miss this one.



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