Siworae aka Il Mare (2000)

A film from korea. The lake house(2006) starring keanu reaves is the english version of the film. English version is far too below the korean version. So see the original version. The film is slow. So please be patient for sometime, and you wont be disappointed. One of such films from korea that you must watch. Now about the story thread: In the year 1999 a girl ( acted by Gianna Jun, My sassy girl heroine) leaves a house and puts a letter in the mail box asking the new owner of the house to forward any letters coming to the house on her name to the new address she written.In 1997 a man named Sung-hyun moves to the same house and collects her letter. This was the house built for him by his uncle. So he naturally surprised by the letter and calls his aunty to confirm that the house and the plot are new. And assumes the letter would be a prank. Later on he realises that the letter is genuine and infact both of them realises that they are comminicating with a time difference of 2years.Il Mare is the house name which means the sea and the house is in fact located near the sea. Well now you know the thread. Its a beautiful nice movie and is highly romantic. Recommended.
>>Score 8.5/10<<


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