Entre les murs aka The Class(2008)

It had won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The story is completely concentrated inside a french school class room. The original title of the film is "Between the walls".The film depicts the attitude of different students and teachers, how different parents are concerned about their children going to school, how the culture differentiates a student's character from another etc. The standout thing about the film is the observation, and how it contributes to make a genuine film about a class that truly escape from being a documentary and becomes a thoroughly entertaining film. Most of the film is the discussion between the teacher Francois and his students where topic change from study to normal day to day things to social concerned matters. At one time the teacher bursts out and we see the students unite in protest.In one scene we can the Japanese student telling his teacher that he is ashamed of telling the private things here as his culture doesn't teach him to be shameless. The restless nature of the junior high school students make the film more of an entertainer. The one tiresome thing for me was to read through the subtitles. During discussions voices came from different subjects and were speedy so that subtitles changed fast from scene to scene. In short I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Oneline: It is a real class room.



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