Shaun of the dead(2004)

A simple but elegant film.It is one of the most hilarious film i watched ever and for that reason i could put this along with my other favorites like eurotrip and sex is zero and in quality way ahead of both. Excellent humor worked throughout the film and at times i cant help stop laughing myself. The story is about some virus causing dead people to walk above the surface of earth. Each person in the town and nearest towns after death becomes zombie and starts attacking other living humans. If one gets bitten by a zombie they will soon die and become another zombie. Even though this is the basic thread other matters exposed in the film are also subtle. Like the break up of relationship between shaun and his lover,his friendship between his dearest friend(which causes other matters worse) and the affection shown by his parents(which he didn't realize). In short the story doesnt even matter to you once you are into the film, and you start laughing and laughing as zombies start walk on the surface. highly recommended humorous film.

Oneline: Laugh out loud.



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