28 Days later(2002)

What will you do when one day you awake from bed and find out that nobody is around you? Then find that some are here, but not like what you thought. They are scary, they are behind you, run... Its about survival. What will you do for survival? Can you kill your friend, your sister, your brother or even your parents? And what if its like having suicide once you find that there is nothing after survival, and may be you gonna die soon or become like all other zombies? The film captures all these emotions. The loneliness, the anger, the lust, the parental care, the love towards your lover, parent and everything. The story is quite good, in fact excellent to glue you onto your seat until you finished seeing. The climax is excellent. The best thing that i felt about the film is the direction. There were scary movies even before this and after this. Most of them entertained you but only some of them made you feel like you watched a great quality film. I would say Stanley Kubrick's The Shining was one such kind of movie even though both are miles apart in their treatment. I always felt slumdog was an overrated movie. Watch this. Then you know that this one is way better than slumdog(i know both are of different genre). The treatment is excellent.

Oneline: Simply brilliant



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