Christmas in August(1998)

A beautiful film that just sustained the smile on my face. The film is very real. And thats the best thing why i loved it the most. The direction in classy that i felt a breeze going around me while watching the film. Its a bit pain towards the end, but that seemed to be usual with most of the korean melodrama. A sincere film with a very nice story. You will easily get attach to the leading characters. Into the thread; The hero Jung-won has his own studio where he takes phtotos of people coming to him. They range from children to youngsters to middle aged to oldest. He is so comfirtable with his life and takes it as easy and as a very pleasant one. He meets another girl who comes to visit his studio and soon she becomes a bit attracted to him, however i dont think it seemed like him attracted to her except that he seemed to be enjoying her company.There is not much to talk about the story,else that become a spoiler. Scenes like; when school going children are asking Jung-Won to enlarge their favorite girl in the group photo, and he soon involves with them in a little chit chat asking about their girls; are pretty funny and extremely beautiful. The editing seems to be choppy at times, but still the film is really good and worth a shot. My opinion is don't miss this one. Even if you are not a Korean movie fan you are gonna like this.

OneLine: Simply beautiful and suddenly become my favorite.



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