Ditto aka Donggam(2000)

A blend of melodrama with fiction(or fantasy). So-eun gets a ham radio and one night she gets some signals from In. In teaches her how to use the equipment and they began chatting. This leads into a relationship between each other. They finds that both are studying in the same college. One night they both agree to meet at a marked point. However they wont find each other. Then In finds that they are separated by time. In fact 21 years. In is living in the year 2000 and So eun in the year 1979. At first she was very uncomfortable with the fact that they are 21 years apart and felt In was doing some pranks on her. When days went by she finds that they are in fact 21 years apart. And when he finds more about In she becomes shocked and she becomes in a state between her faith and love. She finds that her love towards her boyfriend in the present time may change the fate of In in 2000. Like most of the film the film is bittersweet and ends in the year 2000. A slow film but very much enjoyable.

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