District 9(2009)

Its aliens. Its Sci-Fi. Its terrific. And its low budget. But you wont feel it. Its the story first Script Second, the direction 3rd and the CGI comes last. But considering that on a low budget they created a quality CGI, that after the film is finished i felt like they were near me. A very strong story that makes you adhere to your seats from the beginning itself. The story is unique which makes the film interesting for each and every audience from the very beginning. Can you believe the slums of aliens? Can you believe aliens waiting in queue to get their food? Thats it. The craziness exists in the thread. The direction is excellent, that makes us feel all the pain, humour and the provocation. Into the thread; Once an alien mothership comes and halts above africa. The military unit evades into the spaceship and searches for dangerous extra terrestrial beings. Rather they witness very weak and frightened thousands of aliens. They then brings each of them from their mothership and takes into earth and gives treatments. As years pass by the area becomes completely populated by Aliens and becomes a ghetto and named as District 9 where man meets alien. The Nigerians exploits the aliens and makes money. The government studies their powerful biological weapons but no use. Some dead aliens are used for experiment as well. As years passes a riot begins where people demands evacuation of aliens and fights for freedom. Now the real story begins. A journalist appointed by govt, is send to the slums to gather the signature of the aliens in order to move them to a different place and from their matter becomes worse. If you are thinking this would be a usual E.T film, then you are wrong. In fact i witnessed a great film in recent times. Excellent debut by the director Neill Blomkamp. Hope he had more in his pocket. Well dont miss this film.

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