Classic aka Keulraesik(2003)

A beautiful romantic movie. The excellent part which i felt of the movie were the music and the background score. So much melody is worked into it. If you have got a romantic mind, then you would forget everything else and appreciate the film from your heart. The movie consists of two extreme love stories coupled with scenic views. Into the thread; Ji-Hyae finds the old letters belonging to h er mother Jo Hee from her bag detailing the romance between her and her first love, Joon-Hee.But fate decides her to move apart from him. The story then moves to present time were Ji-Hyae gets into a love triangle which goes on between her and her best friend and her friend Sang Min. This is mixed with the love trianlge in the past which she understands through her mother's letters. Unlike most of the korean melodram a, it has a happy ending. And the climax is a twist, something you wont expect. If you havent watched this movie yet, watch it, and watch a high qaulity one too, because the background locations chosen are so breathtaking and the music too.

OneLine: It's not a great film, but its very enjoyable and well done.



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