Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya(2010) Review

The feeling of love,romance and intimacy.The genre of the romantic films could only be better with a good director. Whatever the story or the script has to offer it can only be felt from the heart with the help of a good director who could feel the romance. Gautam Menon has done it very fine. If you like good romance the film has a lot to offer and can make your heart feel after watching the film.

Like most of the romantic films the film is about Boy loves a girl and Girl starts loving him back. If you have read the novel Godfather you may already know the phrase hit by the thunderbolt, where Michael feels hit by something when he sees a girl. A love at first sight. The same thing is worked out here by Gautam. Chimbu's character feels like got a hit in the heart upon seeing Trisha for the first time. You may remember a similar approach he did in vaaranam aayiram. Though repeated, the scene felt fresh. After that he starts to follow her, try to impress and ultimately telling her about his love. Very straightforward scenes handled through very funny moments where the actors are doing an excellent job. Nothing new to be expected in the story other than the crisp editing and cinematography. All the colors looked beautiful all along the film.

The film takes a turn from the second half onwards. Here the editing and direction favors a slow mood. The script becomes better and characterisation becomes deep that in this part we are get to see the acting skills of the duo. Trisha's character has given a complex characterisation. This makes the scenes intense and unpredictable at times. As i said earlier what the film has to offer has been completely done in the 2nd half. The approach is completely non linear.

The commendable thing was that the film is not dragging the usual subject of religion into the film at all, though mentioned lightly somewhere along the story. Among my favorite scenes were the one where Jessey tells Karthik its over for ever. The scene was highly intense and was the best scene in the film where the actors acting were at the extreme.The director did everything right along the scenes to make the portions intense. The scene took around 10 mins to portray the emotions perfectly. One other was when Karthik trying to convince Jessey that she also had the feeling like what he feels towards her. In that scene director portrays him sitting opposite to her. And while he talks about the love, he sees she sitting with him on the opposite chair and feeling the warmth of love with him. That scene too was really beautiful.

When the film approached climax i thought how poor the story is turning out with a predictable, though happy way. But i was mistaken like all the audience. The twist was a surprise. Director uses a bit of surrealism by giving a good ending through the film made by Chimbu's character in this film, where he scripts his own love towards Trisha in his life. And we get to know the real climax then. I like it. However there is a major flow. Though the character of Trisha portrayed in a different manner, the reasons to make her suggest a split up was very very unconvincing.

I forgot to mention the songs. Though the beats were really good, the songs aren't memorable and carries an expiry date. In fact it can no way be compared to the awesome songs in Vaaranam aayiram. However the background score was really good for most of the parts.I loved all the love making scenes and romantic dialogues. Felt something in the heart after watching the film. In fact the feel is still left in my heart.

Watch it if you love good heart warming romantic films.



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