Its a brilliant concept that has been worked out behind the movie. The film starts with some person giving a commentary about evolution of mankind and how it would be in later years. Think about it. Given with the current technology and researches going on one would think that the world we live in will be converted into techno-world with the power of research making most people intelligent and people starts spending their vacation in moon and mars. Well then you are wrong the film tells you that it would be reverse and the current situation would be the peak and the graph would go downward. You don't have to believe it when the commentator say this could happen, in fact you are about to witness what it would be going to happen to the world that we will leave in exactly 500 years later.

Now you have some great films like back to the future that shown time travel which mixed the present past and the future and where the future was most prosperous. And now there are films like Time machine where future means going backwards. Now this isnt what exactly happening in Idiocracy. Let me split the name and give two words-> Idiots+Crazy. That would be the exact meaning. There are crazy idiots in the world of 2500.They are possessing so much advanced technologies but don't know how to improve from there. Most people are lazy. Their IQ level are extremely low and the slang of their language has been polluted. They are so stupid that they dont even know what to do with the garbage people throw out of the window. They could be easily convinced that a subtraction of 20 million from 40 million could result in 80 million.

Now about the story; In the present year high profile persons engage in a meeting where they talk about their researches and primarily about hibernation. Hibernation is only achieved by special kind of living beings except man to adapt to changing climates. They built machines which supports hibernation. Using the formula they think a human being could be locked in the machine for a long time and they have successfully experimented with animals. Now a man from army is destined to help their experiment as the man in charge thinks he is the best for the experiment as he sits idol for all the day watching television at his work in administration department. Also they take a women who currently works as a prostitute for the experiment. Now they have been put into the chambers and closed. The experiment is for 1 year. The two of them sleep for a 1 year and after that the officials come and check their status. Things change drastically from next day as the man in charge has been arrested for pimping and on a long run the authorities forgets about the experiment. In fact the two chambers get disposed among other chambers. A hill develops only constituting these garbage and one day eruptions in the hill make the two boxes move from there. This happens to open the two boxes and the two of them came to know that they are awakened into a world 500 years apart from they lived. And the story goes on as they starts to live with them.

As i said the story concept is brilliant and there isn't nothing much to go wrong against the movie. However the script lacks the subtle which it has offered in the initial half when it nears the end of the second half destroying the very own soul of the movie. Still that doesn't make this movie a bad one. The film makes you think about what a stupid world we are living in. How we are overdoing everything thereby destroying the balance of nature. The greater stupidity shown in the future was the use of electrolytes instead of water. They only know water as something that inside the toilet. Strange ! ah. But that's a reality too. How many days are left here till we see a day were water is no longer available on earth. But here the reason is not that they don't have water but they forgot its use. The companies are ruling in the world where people are believed to think that what they offer are good. And that's only available to them.

However the world is shown from the perspective of U.S.Hence if you have watched some U.S movies or are familiar with how their current culture is going on, then only you would be able to relate to most of the future things. However most are common to each and everyone.The acting of everyone were above par. The humorous element has been worked out very well. Most of the scenes are very much laughable or at least enjoyable.

For the first 60 perc of the movie 8/10.
For the rest of the movie 5.5/10.

Watch this movie.......


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