Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

Its about court room drama. It dont have the perfection of the film '12 Angry Men' or the near perfection of 'Anatomy of Murder'. Also the case before the jury wasnt as strong as in the other two films. So it can only be considered as a pure thriller.

This films screenplay is adapted from the story of famous fiction thriller writers of all time, Agatha Christie. The story of her is the real soul other than the great acting from the man Charles Laughton of the film. The film has got lot of its moments that after you start the film you feel like carried away. The numerous dialogues in the film are really witty and sharp and are memorable.

The film revolves around the case of Vole who has been suspected for murdering an old lady to get the money she has put forth in her will towards him. He hasnt got any alibi to prove that he is not guilty and there are plenty evidence to make him guilty. Then as the story moves along we get to witness twists after twists that we are not sure how the case is gonna be concluded. When the case is over there it is surprise after surprise.


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