Last life in the Universe(2003)

One amongst the best foreign movies i have ever seen.What was the best of the film 'Last life in the universe'? I dont know. But i know some things for sure in the movie that are outstanding. The director Pen-ek Ratanaruang, the actor Tatanobu Asano and the cinematographer Doyle( I already seen some films where Doyle had his contributions. 2046 was one such film where i saw one of his great work). They work together to produce a masterpiece out of a good story. The film is a bit slow in pace which i thought was perfect for this surrealistic movie. The story length is very small.Obviously the film is a about grief(or more appropriately its melancholic).

Tatanobu's character is kenji who doesn't found anything interesting in the world and fantasize to have suicide.However he is interrupted on his every attempt. He has got some peculiar characters, a bit different on perspective from others and mostly he seem to be silent. At a time in his present life a turn of tragic events occur where he loss his brother on a fight with gangsters and a girl who seem to have developed an interest(not anything big though)in him also dies. The events make his life's path cross over with a girl named Noi.From then on the film takes a surrealistic path, where the cinematographer does the fine work in creating a lot of images that is so beautiful. The meeting slowly changes the life of Kenji and he soon recognize that he want to leave his current life. He starts to live with her and they develop a romantic relationship and the events change again to give a dramatic approach to the climax of the film.You may be guessing that the story isn't giving anything new or say big as it supposed to be, but not, the difference is made by the 3 factors as i said above. Its one of my favorite movies and if you are not a causal viewer of cinema its for you. You wont be disappointed.



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