The best movie released in the year 2009. Also could be put among the best films ever released in hindi. The film is bollywood-ish at times and when the story moved to the climax, it become a bit over melodramic. But still the film sustained its charm throughout the movie. It was a fantastic experience to watch a movie like this. The direction was creative. The script was too good and the acting was too good as well. It could be put as Hirani's best film as it deviates from the treatment he given to his other films, however some common elements are still there. They may be above 30 and 40 years old, but their chemistry was too good that you would feel they are real youngsters. Amir Khan gave one of his best performace in this movie, where he gives the character a special energy. The film is humorous throughout. From the first scene onwards you start laughing and the laugh sustains and ends in a laughter too. One thing which should be appreciated is that those so many emotional sequence where given the deserved importance and at the same time the jokes were put side by side to the scene so that no emotional scenes would ever result in tears. Ultimately even though its complete humorous package, it is almost fresh in the story(thanks to chetan bhagat and the script writers), and fresh in the treatment as well.



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