Anatomy of a murder(1959)

A man who jealous about his wife. The wife who is so beautiful that anyone look her when she pass by and she dont hesitate to show her beauty. A clever lawyer and a previous District Attorney who fails to make good income for his office and to pay for his secretery and his drunkard old aged friend. A director who knows how to handle a clever story. A story that doesnt put twists or doesnt even pretend to be something else. A good adaptation of novel. Sharp set of dialogues that at times funny, at times with dual meaning and every time liverages the mood of the film. A top notch performance by James Stewart and other costars. A collection of these makes a brilliant film set in the end of 50's. The courtroom drama was the best in '12 Angry Men'. While that one concerned and concentrated on the verdict of Jury and how each type of juror will effect in a decision, this one concentrates more on the perspective of arguments and doesnt even bother to look how the jurors have come to the final verdict. The character of judge is acted by a real life judge, which does give that film an authentic appeal. The film signifies on the fact of how a cunning lawyer can drift the truth from one point to another and thus affect the jurors.
The film revolves around the case people vs Federick Manion, where he is found guilty for shooting and thereby killing an innkeeper named Quill. The guilt was straightforward and was a first degree murder with a possibility of maximum punishment. Lawyer Paul Beigler takes his case and the courtroom drama starts.The reason for Manion to shoot the innkeeper was that he raped his pretty wife. Lawyer says that you cant defend the judgement by saying humanity, as he didnt shot him just by seeing him raping his wife,rather walking all the way to the Inn to kill him. So they decides to say guilty but under temperal insanity.Thus with the help of a Psychiatrist they start defending by arguing he had 'irresistable impulse' while came to shoot him. Thus the courtroom drama begins and takes it turns through both the sides making the viewer to adhere to the seats by delivering sharp dialogues and delivering it in a most convincing style.The procedures in courtroom seemed to be proper and the reasons were seemed to be very authentic.And how the hell one could think the defendant pleading for his release by acknowledging he had done it and still doesnt use any twists or dramatic situations to help the story.Please dont hesitate to see the film because it set in the 50's. It can exceed your expectation clearly.



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