Absurdistan is a term used to describe a country in which absurdity is the norm.This is a very funny film that leaves its imprints on you even after you completed watching the film. Its a fable that tells you the romance between childhood friends Temelko and Aya and about what happening in the Land absurdistan.The story of the two are deeply connected with the history the present and future of the land they living, Absurdistan. The village was a secluded one which once was a dried land after water disappeared from the wells due to quarrelling between men and women in absurdistan. Later men in absurdistan went into caves and put up pipes to bring water to the land which stops quarrelling between them and affection starts. Later on in the current age of the story the water leaks out and disappears due to holes in the pipe and further reasons. The men were reluctant to repair the pipe due to laziness and women starts war against them by telling them no water no sex.The story deals with the Laziness of men which wins over the lust inside them.Women gradually finds the power inside them and fighting continues. Meanwhile Temelko alone tries to get water into the village with no support from other men. The story is beyond the scope of the review and would become a spoiler. One of the interesting thing about the story is that it is mostly told via voice over.Another interesting fact is that most of the acting is done by using facial expressions and were excellently carried out by the actors. Watch the film. As told by some critic this is a "hard not to like" kind of film. Genuine in thoughts and unique in the way of story telling. Don't miss this film.
>>Score A<<


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